The world’s fittest DJ

who is Lauren FitDJ

Lauren is one of the most sought after DJs for fitness events and a sponsored athlete for world renowned BSN Supplements. She travels around the country sharing her love of fitness and music at all the major fitness events including the Arnold Classic which hosts over 100,000 attendees every year.

DJ Services

Lauren is available to curate your special event, rock your club, pump your fitness class or start your party. She works with you to give you the music you want to hear and tailor the tunes to meet your needs.

Personal Training

Lauren offers highly motivational training & nutrition plans. She has been training since she was 15 years old, you’ll find out exactly what she does to stay in shape year round. Your plan is tailored to meet your needs.

Pimpin Iron

Pimpin’ Iron is a Youtube Channel focused on how Lauren built her physique. She shares what she does everyday. Her workouts, her nutrition plan, supplementation and cardio parameters.